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Does your organization need some training in UX? Our amazing team of senior instructors provide engaging and informative hands-on trainings in partnership with The Team W.

  • User Research
  • UX Testing & Evaluations
  • UX Design
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Strategy & Org Change
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OUR UX CONSULTANTS HAVE seen just about everything.

Our network of UX professionals has worked with companies from a wide variety of industries on just about every kind of platform imaginable.  From startup to Fortune 100, from back office tools to new product innovation, our team has seen it all.

“Balanced Experience helped a number of my clients create better user experiences and better user experience teams.  The benefits we've seen have been powerful and tangible.”

We offer a wide range of UX consulting services. From user research, testing, design, and mentoring, our highly experienced team can help you solve your most pressing user experience problems.


Rodney Roth

Managing Partner

CooperRidge Creative Group


User Experience Consulting



We offer a unique blend of building UX capabilities and providing organizational change coaching that is tailored to you. Create a UX culture within your organization.